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"May be one day, I will be able to look back at my life and say, man,
that kid did a good job !!"

Ankit Parashar

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Until now many of us have viewed ideas about time travel and parallel universes as myths, stories and as a part of movies. In 1945 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to Ilse Rosenthal about the existence of a dimensionless constant. This letter is not a myth nor is it a part of a story or movie. It is real. Does this constant have anything to do with time-travel and parallel universe? Today most of us are too busy in our lives to know where science has reached; We are on a brink of a huge scientific revolution. Time traveling is less than 10 years away. Existence of parallel universe will be proven. In the middle of all the action happening around the world, one man has been working silently to bring forth a new scientific age - Ankit Parashar – a writer/researcher. During his period of research Ankit thought of compiling certain facts and evidences with an edgy suspense detective novel – “Numerical Enigma” so as to make it a compelling and interesting reading experience for everyone. In light of depth of his work he launched one man media a promotional campaign to promote and sell his book independently to interested readers around the world.

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Numerical Enigma

This is really cool! It's got a great conspiracy feel to it.

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I don't have an opinion about the first paragraph. However, the second one is very engaging. I would like to read more.

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About Ankit

Seldom one finds a person who has a gifted mind. Mind that can balance creativity and rationalism, the abstract and the scientific, one such mind is that of Ankit Parashar. Ankit dropped out from high school early in his life. After dropping out, he led an unconventional life. He is currently an independent researcher and scientist working on constructional designs for quantum computer based on quantum optics and ion trap methods. He is also studying on quantum interpretation theories and is in process of writing an important research paper. Apart from that he is also a writer who wrote a movie script when he was 19. Later, while in Bombay he wrote plays and was able to write and direct the first horror monologue in theater titled “Cheekh” – it was mentioned on radio mirchi. Next of his creative piece and the current one is “Numerical Enigma”. He is also currently the promoter of One Man Media. To know his journey so far click on My journey